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Planted With Purpose

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Planted With Purpose


"Plant your feet toward every purpose you were born for."    Beth Moore, Audacious

I love this quote and the decision that is part of this concept. Planting my feet is more than simply looking in a certain direction or even standing and pointing my feet in a certain, chosen direction. Planting implies commitment and decision.

When we plant our feet toward every purpose we were born for, we are choosing to go through some difficult seasons. I don't want to be like a seed sitting on a table or in a box in the garage.

We have some bags of seeds that were properly dried in hopes of planting them some day. Now, much time has passed and these seeds still remain in the bag. They have not changed one bit. They are in the same shape. They are the same size. They are the same color. There has been no growth. If I want to see the transformation of these seeds into living, colorful, producing plants and flowers, then they must be placed in the ground and covered - they must be buried in order to thrive.

When planted, a seed only produces a plant, bush, flower, or tree if the seed first dies. It is buried and then after time it begins the work of growth. We don't see the initial growth happening. All of this initial--yet very important--growth happens beneath the surface. Then, after a certain amount of water, warmth, growth, stretching, and searching for the surface it emerges from the ground.

Plant your feet toward every purpose you were born for. This will not be easy. This does not promise to be quick or short. And, there is no guarantee of what exactly it will look like on the other side. But I do know that as painful, long, hard, and sometimes hopeless it may seem and feel, it IS worth it. 

I don't want to remain in the seed packet just because I am afraid to be planted in the ground or afraid of what the transformation will require of me. I have a God in heaven who sees and knows all things and He has called me to these purposes. I can trust His ways and His plans even if I don't always understand them or can't see, with my limited human vision, what He sees.

His ways are good. His plans and purposes are good. He loves me. He is love. It is part of His character and that does not change, even in the season between planting and producing. When I feel like I can't find the surface and I am trying to come up for air, He is there. I am not hidden from him. He is watering, warming, and preparing all things around me for my growth. He is good that way.

Will you be planted? Or will you stay in the bag with all the other little seeds? Step out into the extraordinary - it is worth the risk!

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