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Why Traci blogs . . .

I avoided blogging for a long time because I "wasn't a very good writer". I definitely did not receive the A's in my college writing class. Perhaps, that should be reason enough to avoid blogging altogether, but I believe there are other reasons to blog besides being a great writer. I have a story. . . In 2009, Joe (my hubby) and I were encouraged to read a book that changed the direction of our lives. Through the book we were challenged to live a story - a life - worth telling. We didn't know specifically what to do, but we were both filled with an insatiable desire for something more, something better and something different. We were no longer satisfied with living ordinary lives, but wanted to pursue extraordinary living no matter the cost.

Since that time, the events of our lives have been extraordinary and at the same time, just steps in this journey called life. I want to share the past events and the current happenings of my life throughout this blog. My hope, is that by sharing my stories and my struggles, past and present, you will be inspired to pursue an extraordinary life yourself.

Thank you for following my story - the highs and lows, the extraordinary and ordinary moments that make a story - a life - worth blogging.