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Supernatural Strength

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Supernatural Strength


"The joy of the Lord is your strength!"  --Nehemiah 8:10

I try so many different things to muster up more strength and energy in my life. Don't we all need more strength? I'm not talking about the ability to do more push-ups (or a single decent push-up!) or the strength to run 5 miles (or after a toddler for 5 minutes!).

I am talking about the inner strength necessary to do all of the "outer" things in life . . . like serving our family by folding laundry, doing dishes, teaching the kids (young and teenager alike) how to do their dishes, or planning and preparing meals. It takes physical, emotional, and mental strength to do these tasks. Add onto this a job, volunteering at the school, birthday parties, church responsibilities, loving our husbands well, children who are sick during the night, and the list goes on. 

Joy of the Lord.jpeg

We have a great need for strength.

Last week we talked about rest. A nap can provide temporary physical strength and might be one of the very best things to do for yourself, but what supplies even greater, longer-lasting strength? 

  • Strength that can withstand any kind of challenge or adversity.
  • Strength that has great power.
  • Strength that does not make sense to the world around us.
  • Strength that is supernatural.

This internal strength comes from finding our joy in the Lord.

Do you need strength today? Run to the Lord - sit at His feet, learn from Him, and rest in Him. Find joy in knowing, loving, and serving Him. This will give you a new kind of strength. Finding joy and strength in the Lord is absolutely part of living an extraordinary life.

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