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Naps Are For Grown-Ups!


Do you ever feel like you just need a day off? Or that you simply need to go to bed at the same time as your first grader because you are just whipped?

The pace of life right now is kicking my butt. Definitely not enough sleep this week, which affects my mental and physical state. It also affects my ability to make good choices: My food choices. My choices to exercise . . . or not. My choices in how I respond to people and situations.

One of the things that affects these choices are the quantity and quality of my sleep and rest. 

Why do we resist rest so much? Maybe because we are "supposed to" be super heroes who can handle unnatural conditions without consequence. Maybe we believe we are like Will Farrell as Elf, who thrives with total joy (and oblivion) on sugar and "a full forty minutes of sleep."

It's ridiculous, but we do it all the time. I put unrealistic expectations on myself. I take care of everyone before taking care of myself. The quality of care for everyone else is also hampered by lack of care for myself.

If this is you . . . will you commit to choosing what is good for you this week? 

  1. Choose to go to bed earlier rather than watching another show, or reading another chapter in your book, or doing another "have-to."
  2. Plan a day to sleep in . . . if that works with your life and schedule.
  3. Take a nap. Sometimes in the afternoon a 20 - 30 minute nap serves me better than another shot of caffeine.

As much as is humanly possible for your situation (kids, work, etc.) give your body what it needs this week in regard to sleep and rest.

Being at our best is part of living out the extraordinary life.

BE Extraordinary!

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