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Inspired Thought

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Inspired Thought


When you have inspired thought you have to trust it and you have to act on it.” - Jack Canfield

The Oxford Dictionary says inspired is "of extraordinary quality, as if arising from some external creative impulse." Inspiration and inspired thought is definitely part of the BE life.

Inspired Thought (Million Dollar Idea)

Have you ever had a million dollar idea? Not just the idea of winning a million dollars from the lottery or the McDonalds Monopoly game, but an actual, original million dollar idea? Regardless of how creative your think you are (or aren't), most people have had at least one million dollar idea. I have had many. From hotels to unique clothing (nose warmer) to kitchen gadgets, I have had a number of ideas that could have earned a million dollars.

Right now, think about one of your potential million dollar ideas. It could be an idea you had a decade ago or one you had in the shower this morning. It does not matter how silly it sounds now, I just want you to think about that million dollar idea.

  1. What did you do about the idea?
  2. Why did you do what you did (even if it was nothing)?
  3. Focus back on question #2. If you did nothing, take time to list the surface and deep reasons why.

For many, having the million dollar idea or the inspired thought is not the difficult part. As implied in Canfield's quote, trusting the idea and acting on it is much more challenging.

Trust the Thought

So often we ignore our thoughts. We brush them off as outrageous, expensive, off-my-rocker, had-too-much-caffiene ideas. Unable to immediately (in about 7 seconds) see all of the "hows" to implementing or succeeding at the thought, we dismiss it. Then we move along our merry way. The limited amount of time we spend engaging these thoughts shows our lack of trust for the original inspiration.

Act on the Thought

What would it look like to act on a million dollar idea or inspired thought? To take a step, or two, or three, or ten, or twenty, and see where it takes you? There is absolutely no doubt that you will face obstacles, but what if you didn't stop at the first signs of it getting difficult? Could it be a bad idea that fails? Maybe. Could it be an amazing idea that changes you or even changes the world? Yes, it could be that too!

Important Note

An inspired thought might also be "simple." It may be the thought to give someone the last $20 in your pocket. It may be to pick the trash up in the park rather than walking past it. It may be to look the homeless man in the eyes and smile. It may be to send a note in the mail or give a friend a call. All inspired thoughts are important. And, often, acting on smaller inspired thoughts opens our minds and hearts to even greater ideas. So, in this post that focuses on ideas of million-dollar magnitude, don't bypass the small stuff.

Think. Trust. Act.

Be Extraordinary!

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