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My Response is My Responsibility

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My Response is My Responsibility


Repeat after me:

My response is . . . my responsibility.

My kids are well versed in completing this sentence. It is a core value of our family; that we teach our kids to own their response and to change that response when necessary. We can't make other people act in a certain way, but we can own our reactions and responses.

It does not matter what has happened to you or around you, your response is always a choice. No one "makes" you mad or "makes" you respond in a certain way. You can choose a positive or joyful response, an angry response, a response of avoidance, a physical outburst, profanity, or to stuff your thoughts and feelings inside. You. Can. Choose.

Not only can you choose, but YOU ALWAYS CHOOSE. 

It is possible to respond in a certain way for so long that your responses become subconscious. This is still not a reason to blame others for your response. Even in this case, through your habits, you are choosing your response and your response is your responsibility. 

We definitely live in a world where people like to blame others for their own behaviors. It is a rare thing to meet people that will own their choices, own their responses, own where they are in their life. However, if you want to live an extraordinary life, then you must take responsibility for your response regardless of the circumstance that initiated that response.

It does not matter whether you are right or wrong. Even someone who is "right" can have a wrong response to a situation which in no way justifies the response simply because they were "right."

  • Will you own your response today?
  • How might your perspective change if you began fully owning your responses?
  • How might your interactions with others change if you began fully owning your responses?

This is totally about YOU. This is not about telling others to respond better or to own their response, this is about you taking ownership and responsibility for your response. On the journey to an extraordinary life, this principle can change everything!

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