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Would You Like A Second Helping?

Joseph Castaneda



You ever feel like life is spinning wildly, and that you are merely along for the ride? Last summer I remember a week where I started counting the many tasks that the Lord had placed directly in front of me and Traci: Personal support raising. Bowling alley remodel. Bowling alley fund raising. Coaching a volleyball team. Developing an entire volleyball program. Church partnership growth. Sermon prep and development. Ministry networking. Publishing projects. Video project and development. Managing a home business. Oh yeah...and working hard at trying to be a godly husband, wife, mother, father, and pastor.

I'm sure you could substitute out the items on our list, and put in the items from your list, and your's would likely dwarf our's. Either way, it's easy to look at the to-do lists, the taxi schedule, the school work loads, and the office demands, and to put our effort in to working harder to become super focused, super efficient and super productive. And in doing so, we often become super forgetful about what really matters most: contentment in Christ.

Jesus' words in John 6:35 remind us that contentment comes when our basic needs are met first in Him, not in the world around us, and not in the fulfillment of our crazy, hectic, to-do lists. Jesus says, "come to me" and we will be filled in Him, like we had just eaten our favorite meal at dinnertime. Jesus says, "believe in me," and we will be satisfied like we just had our thirst quenched with a cool drink on a hot day.

In all the craziness of life, don't forget that being in Christ is our greatest resource and our greatest need. In Him we find we have everything we need to be successful in this life as we prepare to live with Him forever in the next life. In Him we discover true to peace in a chaotic world. In Him we find hope for brokenness and healing for wounds. In Him we find rest. In Him we find true satisfaction. In Him. In Him. In Him.

Make sure you are finding time to recenter yourself In Him, today. Because in Him, no matter how crazy life is, we can be content.