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Overboard Blog

Living the extraordinary life of faith!

The Lord is Near

Joseph Castaneda


God is close!

Have you ever felt isolated and alone? I don't mean physically alone (though that may be part), but I mean that type of loneliness that a person can feel even if they are in a room crowded with people. Have you ever felt that?

It's the kind of isolation that can leave you feeling hopeless, feeling like no one understands what you are experiencing or feeling, and ultimately, that there may be no answers or help coming. It's having a heart broken at the deepest level and being intimately aware of what it's like to have a spirit that has been crushed by a friend, an enemy, a job, a spouse, a parent or even a church. It is an awful feeling.

If you are in that space today, I want to offer you a precious reminder from God's Holy Word: The Lord is close.

The promise from Psalm 34:18 is as precious a promise one can have in seasons of absolute despair and utter loss. God is near, and He loves us no matter what condition we find ourselves in. 

If you are in a season of isolation, if you are feeling brokenhearted and crushed, will you let us join with you in prayer? Will you pass along a request so that we can pray Psalm 34:18 over you and your situation? (

We may not have any comforting words or help to provide, but we know our God is near, and we will pray on your behalf for His nearness to be felt in your life.

The Lord is near!