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Living the extraordinary life of faith!

Three things for the weekend


Christmas is just a few days away. As we enter the final weekend leading up to December 25th, I have three thoughts for us to keep in mind. Because I still have a little Baptist (pronounced “Baaab-tist”) preacher in me, I had to aliterate them; so they all start with “r”:  

Rest: Don’t let this Christmas come and go without taking some time to rest. Our amazing creator God rested on the 7th dat of creation, not because He needed the rest, but because He was setting an example for His creation. Don’t exhaust yourself in the all the activity of Christmas presents, Christmas parties and family reunions; give yourself time to rest, and to enjoy God’s greatest gift to you: the Baby in the the manger.

Screen Shot 2013-11-09 at 10.38.58 AM

Rejoice: My favorite people from the story of Jesus’ birth, are the shepherds. That Jesus chose to reveal Himself to them first, is another blog post, but these hard-working servants, low-lifes in society were the first to see the God-Man wrapped in cloths. And their response is inspiring: They rejoiced…and told everyone about what they had seen. Take some time to rejoice in Jesus this Christmas. Stop to embrace the manger, and to thank God for His precious gift. Rejoice because the redemption of our souls came in the frailty of humanity so that through His death, our sins could be atoned for.


Remember: Luke 2:11 is the Christmas story in a nutshell: “For unto you is born this day, in the City of David, a Savior who is Christ the Lord.” In all of your activity over the next 8-10 days, remember that Jesus came to bridge the gap between you and God. He came to heal hearts, restore the broken, lift up the fallen and most of all -- to save the lost. Remember Jesus this Christmas, and everything else will take it’s proper place.


Go ahead and take the plunge -- even Christmas is better on the water!