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Overboard Blog

Living the extraordinary life of faith!

5 minutes


5 minutes doesn’t seem like much time, does it? Or does it? If I dropped you off at Disneyland and said I’d be back in 5 minutes to pick you up, I’m pretty sure you’d think that wasn’t very much time. However, if I dropped you off in a tank full of earth worms and said I’d come get you out in 5 minutes, I’m sure 5 minutes would seem like an eternity.

It’s only 5 minutes. It’s only 300 seconds, and it’s the same 300 seconds whether you’re at Disneyland or in a tank full of earthworms.

Imagine though, if you took 300 seconds, every day, and did something remarkable. 5 minutes a day = 35 minutes a week. 5 minutes a day turns into 1,825 minutes in a year; roughly 30 hours (1 full day plus 6 hours). 5 minutes a day over the period of 5 years is equal to 6.25 days. What if you did something remarkable for 5 minutes a day, for the rest of your life (10 years = 12.5 days. 20 years = 25 days. 30 years = 37.5 days. 40 years = 50 days. 50 years = 62.5 days). Imagine living 62.5 full days of your life, remarkably, simply because you took 5 minutes, each day, to live out your God-given design.

5 minutes

Living remarkably for the Lord isn’t about greatness. In fact, Jesus told His followers that remarkable living would be best seen in service. The two greatest commands, according to Jesus, were “Love God” and “Love others”. We best show our love for God by how we love each other. And I think we best show our love for each other, by how we serve one another.

So what if you took 300 seconds out of your day, every day, to intentionally love someone else through service? Over your life time, that could total over two months of intentionally obeying Christ’s command to love others. And of course, the reality is that once you start living Overboard by loving God and serving others, you get strangely addicted to those choices. It becomes hard to settle for something else once you’ve felt the freedom that comes from walking with God on the water, out of the comfort of the boat. I won’t say it ever gets easy -- but it certainly gets easier the more often we take the leap and follow Jesus.

What could you do for 5 minutes today, that would demonstrate your love to God, by loving and serving someone else? What about tomorrow? Take a few minutes right now to schedule the next 5 days of 5 minute demonstrations of love. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what 5 minutes can produce.

Go ahead and take the plunge, life is better on the water!