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Overboard Blog

Living the extraordinary life of faith!

The Lone Ranger...and other myths.


I wonder if God will show us what our life could have been, if we had just been willing to ask. I’m working on another trip through the 100 Day Challenge with Gary Ryan Blair. Today’s lesson was on asking for help, so I looked back at last year’s 100 Day Challenge and here are things I wrote about asking for help:


I wonder how often you and I miss out on something great for our lives, simply because we were too afraid to ask. Seriously, how often is something we desire just barely outside our grasp, yet easily reachable by someone else, but we never ask for help?

It seems like our western culture has tainted some of our thinking in this matter. We pride ourselves in being independent, people who don’t need help. The old western Cowboy movie captures that so goes to pot, bad guys with handkerchiefs over their mouths running around shooting bullets into the sky while chasing women and drinking whiskey. The sheriff gets run out of town, usually humiliated by the head villian, and all hope is lost for the pretty damsel who has to stay behind and help her aging parents. Suddenly, a “stranger” shows up in town and he doesn’t like what he sees. So single-handedly he out-smarts all the handkerchief wearing bad guys except for the boss. Finally it’s down to the two of them, and they settle their dispute the way every argument in the Old West was settled; they stand on main street and have a duel. The good guy shoots his enemy’s gun from his hand and chases him out of town. Town saved. Hero born. Girl kissed.


While it might make for a good flick (or maybe not!), it sure doesn’t make for reality. We need each other, and we need to be willing to ask for help and be willing to give help when it’s asked from us. Here are three guidelines about asking for help:

  1. Ask nicely -- nobody likes someone who acts entitled or demanding when needing help.
  2. Ask with clarity -- know what you’re asking for.
  3. Ask the right people -- just asking for help may not get you the right help, from the right people.

If you’re working on a project or putting together plans for something in the future, who do you need to ask to join you? What do you need to ask help for? Who has asked you for help that you could assist? Over the years I’ve been thankful for so many people who have helped, and actually have asked me to ask for help! I’ve also been thankful to be able to help others who have asked for my help.

Seems like one of the best parts of belonging to the Body of Christ is the reciprocal relationships, the give and take where we love, accept and help each other because we belong to the same Father. I can’t be a lone ranger, and neither can you. Let’s get out of the comfort of our boat and ask others for help.


Do you need to ask someone for help? Is someone asking for your help? Let’s help each other live remarkably!

Go ahead and take the plunge, life is better on the water!