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3 Must-read books for 2013


I try to read quite a bit. I find that reading well-written books is one of the best ways to improve my own writing. So not only do I enjoy the book itself, but through reading I’ve become a more effective writer. Everyone has their own tastes, likes and dislikes, so recommending books can be a bit dangerous. However, I’m going to take that risk to recommend to you three books that will help you live the Overboard Life. One of these books just came out, but the other two are a little older. Regardless, if you haven’t read them before, make 2013 the year you add them to your bookshelf.

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years, by Donald Miller (2009)

Million Miles in a Thousand

I wasn’t much of a Donald Miller fan after reading Blue Like Jazz. So when my friend Dr. Kent Kersey told me to pick up this title, I was a little skeptical. The problem is, Dr. Kersey is one of the smartest people I know and I trust him completely -- so I picked up the book. It was horrible.

Not the kind of horrible that you run from, but the kind of horrible that makes you realize you need to make massive change in your life. It’s the kind of horrible that reveals shortcomings in your own walk with God, and then actually provides answers to those shortcomings. The kind of horrible that means you can’t choose to be the same any more.

A Million Miles in a Thousand Years is Don’s journey to becoming more of who God made him to be. Pick up a copy for yourself this year, and I’m confident you’ll find yourself on a similar journey. Just be careful. After reading it, you are likely to want to fly to Peru to walk the Inca Trail.

40 Days to a Joy-filled Life, by Tommy Newberry (2012)


Tommy’s new book -- an update of an older title (The 4:8 Principle) -- is one I’m working on during my 100 Day Challenge. It’s almost identical to the original book but has some nice formatting changes and places to do journal-like entries.

This book is outstanding and very convicting. Essentially Tommy bases his book off Philippians 4:8 which gives clear instructions on the types of thoughts we should have. When we make intentional effort to align our thoughts with God’s Word, we can go a long way into changing the outcome of our days.

Tommy’s book is super practical and easy-to-read. Challenge your old thought patterns by picking up a copy of this book in 2013.

Good to Great, by Jim Collins (2001)

good to great

I know, this is old school and almost everybody has heard about it. But I’m amazed how many people I’ve met who have yet to read it. I’ve read this book a couple of times and have referred to some of the principles hundreds of times over the years. Jim’s insights into what makes companies great, crossover into what makes people and other organizations, great, too.

Each time I’ve read Jim’s book, I’ve been challenge about something in my life, or in the structure or working model of Overboard Ministries. After 12 years -- the contents of his research are still worth considering, and would still be worthy of your time in 2013.

Ok, there’s my big 3 for 2013. If you had to recommend a book or two for people to pick up, books that would promote Overboard Living, what would you suggest? We all have a tendency to stay where life is comfortable, in the boat where most people like to hang out. But Jesus is on the water, building His Kingdom, and calling us to Himself. What books do you have that would encourage people to get out of the boat, and out on the water, where Jesus is doing His Kingdom work? Tell us in the comments.

Go ahead and take the plunge, life is always better on the water!