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Overboard Blog

Living the extraordinary life of faith!

2013...Are you in?


What are your goals and dreams for 2013? Have you started to write them out and think through how you will achieve them? One of the realities of life-changing decisions is this: the more help you employ in embracing your dream or goal, the more likely you are to achieve them.

We have a good friend who just recently was released from jail. This wasn’t her first trip to prison, however, this time out has already been significantly different. Why? Because on this go around, she is asking for help, and accepting it when it comes. Traci and I have had multiple conversations with her and she will be the first to tell you, that in previous years, her attitude was that she was all she needed for success. Today though, she recognizes that God’s help often comes in the form of others.

This is such a key principle for Overboard Living -- we need others to help us on the journey. I’m so thankful for the scores of people who have invested in my life and my dreams, people who have known how important teamwork and accountability are in the pursuit of their own dreams. Here is a small glimpse of those people:

Traci, my wife, who stands by me in every trial, joy, success and experiment.

Danny, my dear friend who dreams like no other, asks hard questions, and holds my feet to the fire.

Andy, one of my best friends, who has never shied away from asking questions that defy convention.

Brenda, the only editor I knew early-on, who was silly enough to believe in my book and Overboard Ministries.

Kevin, one of the most level-headed, clear-thinking friends that I have.

PK, a mentor and teacher who, 20-plus-years later is still investing in my life.

Phil, my brother, who relentlessly pushes me to step into the way God has designed me.

I could go on and on, and I hope you don’t feel shorted if you’re not on this list. The point isn’t to name all the people who have invested in my life -- but rather to illustrate how we all need others as we pursue our God-given paths!

As you look to 2013, who is enrolled in your future? Traci and I really want to share in what God is doing in your life, and we believe the 100 Day Challenge could be a powerful tool in your arsenal. We have both benefited from this proven system, and we want you to join us in 2013 as we pursue another year of dream chasing using the video/online program as a guide.

Join our team today. Click this link and get more information from founder, Gary Ryan Blair. The information and follow-up videos are worthwhile (even if you end up not using his program!), and I believe will explain the value behind the 100 Day Challenge. Traci and I would love to be on your team in 2013, so check out the link to see if this system will work for you!

Will you take the plunge in 2013? Life is always better on the water!

P.S. You can save $50 by signing up through our link! Sign up today!