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How will you start 2013?


How will you start 2013? There’s something about the New Year that makes us all reflect on our lives. Putting up that new calendar or tearing off that first page of the desktop Dilbert comic calendar you got for Christmas (my personal favorite) gets us thinking about new things. A new start to life.

Statistically, though, fewer than 10% of us will actually follow thru with any of our commitments. 9 out of 10 of us will not make it through the first 14 days of January with our new year desires for change. Yowzuh!

I want to challenge you to make 2013 different. I want to urge you to make significant change in your life. Maybe it’s your health, your finances, your business, your family, your marriage, your walk with God or your house cleaning -- whatever goal you set, I want to urge you, and help you, to achieve them in 2013.

Last year I embarked on a life-changing online program for goal setting. It’s called the 100-day Challenge. It was awesome. I paid $140+ to do the program and it was easily worth double. Each day I watched a 5-7 minute video. I took notes. I set goals. And I made massive progress in my life because of the program by Gary Ryan Blair.

Two years prior to that, my wife did the program. Her life was radically altered by the 100-day program and, because she’s one of my inspirations, I followed in her footsteps a year later.

Will you consider joining Traci and me for a 100-day challenge? Imagine starting the first 100 days of 2013 with focus, direction, motivation and daily challenge. And the cool part is, at the start of 2013, Traci and I want to offer some support and encouragement to our friends who take on this challenge.

Over the next couple of weeks I’ll give you more info, but for now, I want to plant the seed. Our goal is to attract 100 of our friends and family to join us on a life-changing journey by starting the first 100 days of 2013 with enthusiasm, teamwork and support. 100 of our friends and family hitting the ground running in 2013 with the 100-day Challenge.

Will you join us? What areas of your life would you like to see change in? Leave some comments below and let us know what you will be working on in 2013. Then start thinking about whether or not you will be one of the 100+ people who join us for a group effort to see those goals reached!

Stay tuned for more details and a special link to save a few bucks off the regular price. In the mean time, click HERE to get a glimpse of what the 100-day Challenge will look like.

Are you ready to take the plunge in 2013? Life is better on the water…join us!