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I'm a Hotdog and a can of Mt. Dew: The discipline of health (6/7)


If you’re like me, you’re probably ripped, carrying around a 6-pack of abs, and proudly flexing your buns of steel while standing in line at the grocery store. However, you and I should pity those around us who lack naturally healthy and muscular builds like us. On behalf of those other people, you should read this and then pass along the important details. Not that any of this pertains to you or me.

Since you and I are perfect specimens of health, we know how our spiritual, emotional and mental health is closely tied to our physical health. We cannot be all that God made us to be while neglecting our physical well-being. However, many of our associates don’t know this.

My friend Amber Thiel helped create the Healthy Edge, with her sister April. After experiencing the loss of a loved one through physical sickness, Amber and April became committed to teaching people about healthy lifestyles. They want people to break free of the diet-cycle, and to start embracing positive choices as a way of life. Their passion led to the creation of The Healthy Edge, an amazing resource for good health. (I highly recommend you check out their site and get a 14-day free trial membership!)

Good health flows out of these five basic components. Granted, you and I know this, but alas, our misshapen friends do not:

  1. Eat good tasting, low-glycemic foods: In other words, spend less time counting calories and more time reading labels. Quit spiking your blood sugar with food and beverage that is no bueno for your body (quit overdosing on Coca Cola, breads and pastas!) (weird...I was just looking in the mirror when I wrote that....)
  2. Hydrate: In other word, you need to down about 80oz of water per day. No, your coffee doesn’t count as water. But of course, you and I know this, it’s our other friends who do not. Please share this important piece of data with them.
  3. Exercise: In other words, stop blogging and start walking! You need 30 minutes of good cardio, every day to keep your body running optimally. It’s crazy how many preventable diseases could be kept at bay if people (your friends of course, not you) would walk around the block at a good pace, for just 30 minutes.
  4. Take good supplements: In other words, learn how much of that “super vitamin” you bought at the grocery store is actually being absorbed by your body. Just because it’s on the label doesn’t mean it’s actually getting into your body. My wife is the supplement queen, visit her web site for more info!
  5. Eat six ore more Super Foods: In other words, eat real food, regularly. Do you know why an apple doesn’t have a food label? Because it’s an apple. An apple, is what’s in an apple. Eat real foods, those fruits and veggies, nuts, lean meats, fish, cottage cheese, eggs etc... Remember, you are what you eat (which makes me a giant Hotdog and a can of Mt. Dew!)


hotdog suit

Since you and I have honored our health perfectly, we understand how important taking care of our bodies is. How sad that so many of our friends don’t know this. But you might remind them that living the Overboard Life to its fullest, requires us to take care of all the resources God has given to us (time, money, relationships AND our health!). While we often can’t control circumstances that steal our financial resources, or how people respond to circumstances, we can almost always limit the negative stresses we put into our bodies. Those wishing to live Overboard must be disciplined in their health.

But, you and I already know this. So let’s make sure others are taking care of themselves. In fact, if you want to practice, stand in front of a mirror and repeat the five basic components of good health. See if the person on the other side of the glass is listening. If so, you’re off to a great start!

Go ahead and take the plunge, life is better on the water!