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Overboard Blog

Living the extraordinary life of faith!

Big Losers


Every once in a while you come across a story that makes you pause and appreciate the power of sport. This past January, Troy Spurlock and Clancy Ludvigson gave us such a moment. Troy is a young man with special needs, who loves to wrestle. He has wrestled his whole high school career (he’s a senior), and has yet to get a win, except by no-show. But on January 28th Clancy gave him a dream-come-true. Check out this video:

Selfless Wrestler

What a powerful story from a young man, who obviously “gets it.” He understands that sometimes in order to win, you have to “lose” in the eyes of others. Technically, Clancy lost the wrestling match. But as you can tell from the video and from peoples’ responses to his act of kindness, he was the biggest winner of all.

Selflessness is the act of living like Christ, in promoting the needs and wishes of others, first. Philippians 2 tells us that when Jesus went to the cross, He did it, not because He needed to die for Himself, but because you and I needed help. We were eternally lost in our sinful condition, and without Christ’s intervention, we would still be without hope. But He set aside His own wishes (no one wants to be crucified!) and put our needs first. The day Jesus died on Calvary was the day God showed us the ultimate act of self-sacrifice.

In the end, Philippians tells us that the Father exalted Christ because of His willingness to die for others. Jesus “lost” His life on Calvary, only to “win” back immeasurable glory on the other side of the grave. To win big, you must be willing to lose.

Jesus told His disciples that the greatest among them would have to become the least, and the leader must become the servant. It’s so backwards! The formula feels like a “losing” formula and from man’s is! But we are dealing with a God who  brings beauty from ashes and joy from sorrow. He takes the “loser” for Christ and makes him and his efforts victorious.

Living the Overboard Life requires a commitment to losing. We must learn to lose ourselves and to lose our own desires, in order to win the greatest life we could have. A life “lost” in God, is truly a life that is “won.” God is calling you to lose yourself, and to leave it in the comfort of the boat, and to win the life He has for you, by jumping Overboard and helping to build His Kingdom on the water, where Jesus is working.

How could you lose today, in order to create a win for someone else? How could you demonstrate a heart for sacrifice in order to elevate someone else’s needs? How could you live Overboard today?

Go ahead and take the plunge -- life is better on the water!