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100-day Challenge


Some of you may be following my 100-day Challenge blog. If not, please check it out -- I think you’ll enjoy the daily challenges and reminders. I also wanted to encourage you to take on your own 100-day Challenge. Whether it’s for personal growth, professional growth, spiritual growth or maybe just a desire to “start over” and get moving on some big goals and dreams. Whatever the reason, the 100-day Challenge my be just what you need. Read the following thoughts and then check out the links to this amazing program. They are offering a HUGE reduction in price for the program, but only for this weekend. Read all about it and then I hope you will consider taking on your own challenge (and keep me posted, because I want to hear about your progress, too!).

Go ahead and take the 100-day plunge -- life is always better on the water!


Do You Believe in Second Chances?

If the past year wasn't your greatest, if you have already broken

your New Year Resolutions, and if you are not as prosperous and

fulfilled as you would like, you need to do something differently,

and you need to do it now.

Why? Because all change, all progress begins with a single

decision, a single action, a single YES!

You and I both know that no matter how good or bad your results

were last year - you can always do better.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of people and companies don't take

the time to plan for their future and they are simply plugging

along with their heads down.

It's similar to the pattern of Bill Murray's character, Phil

Connors, in the hilarious movie Groundhog Day.

But, instead of repeating the same day over and again, both

companies and individuals seem to repeat the same outlook,

approach, and strategies.

Is it any surprise that they repeat the same results?

February 2nd is an important date not just because it's Groundhog

Day and we all want to know if Punxsutawney Phil (the Groundhog)

sees his shadow.

More importantly, it marks the date when thousands of people from

around the world make the decision to begin the 100 Day Challenge

and change their life for the better and I mean much better.

The 100 Day Challenge is an extreme goal achievement and

performance improvement program that creates radical


Think P90X for your life!

To get all the details, go to this website now and watch a really

inspiring video as well:

All the best!

P.S. I almost forgot, be sure to use this coupon code to receive

a huge super saver discount: groundhog