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Overboard Blog

Living the extraordinary life of faith!



I'm so blessed by friends and ministry partners who have supported me and the work of Overboard Ministries. We started January 1st, 2011 and it has been an amazing ride. So far, two books have been published, a third will be finished by year's end or shortly after the start of 2012 and three more are slated for 2012 already. We've got speaking engagements already lined up for New Mexico in February, Washington in April, Michigan in August as well as our first Overboard concert (you won't want to miss this if you live locally -- ie. within 32 hours drive-time of Salem and no, I won't be showing off my mad singing skills!) in March/April, and our next two books in the Life Improvement Series should hit the shelves. 2012 will be fun to watch, and it wouldn't be possible without so many great people. So today, click-a-link and "hang out" with the people who have blessed my life and ministry so much. "LIKE" their f/b pages and follow them on twitter and google+. Check out their product offerings and support their lives and ministries with your business. These is good peeps!

Danny Ray: Two words describe Danny's magic. "Awesome! Awesome!" Doesn't matter what order you put them in, those two words capture Danny's gift. It's not just that your mind will be blown away, but he uses his magic to deliver a powerful message. Whether you need a captivating speaker for Christian outreach or you want a powerful visual communicator for a corporate event, Danny is your man.

Arrow CRM: If you haven't joined the Overboard Ministries e-mail list, now would be a great time so that you and I can continue to be friends. Just click the link and we promise not to sell your information unless of course, someone is offering to buy us lunch at Dogzilla hotdogs here in town. As a side note, I usually visit my good friends at Dogzilla every Monday at 11:30. Feel free to join me any time.

Brian Jacobs: Brian is an author who has written two titles (so far) aimed at a younger audience. His fiction books are funny, revolving around the lives of three young boys who experience all sorts of adventures in their sleepy little Bremerton neighborhood. My son loved the first book and we are looking forward to book two, soon. Check out Brian's work with The Enigma Squad.

Melinda Todd: Friend and fellow author Melinda Todd has a great blog and several excellent books available. Check out her site, become a follower of her blog and I'm confident you will be encouraged in your walk with God.

Overboard on fb: Seriously, if you haven't at least clicked LIKE on the Overboard fb page, you and I might be having a meetin' at the ol' flag pole after school.

Andy & Jodie: Andy and his wife have been friends of ours for over ten years. We've served in youth ministry together, and though we are several states apart, we still chat every day and he encourages me tremendously. Presently, Andy and Jodie are preparing for ministry in Africa. Read their blog and I know you will be encouraged to support them with prayers and finances!

Alan Larsen: Alan and I have only recently become friends but I am certain you will be hearing his name and becoming familiar with his work soon! He is the owner of Alan Larsen Films and if you need high quality film production, he's the man. We've started collaborating with Alan on some future Overboard projects and we are dreaming big for our future partnership in ministry.

Vision for Youth: VFY has been a great encouragement to me and my ministry over the years. From planning and executing great mission trips, to writing quality material for ministry, Mel Walker (future Overboard author), Tim Ahlgrim and crew are tops.

CPYU: I've had the privilege of meeting Walt Mueller and actually, having lunch with him, too. Granted, that lunch was at a table in a room with 1,500 other youth pastors, but I'm sure it left a big impression on him. God has blessed this man with an incredible ability to view culture through a biblical lens and then synthesize it with humility and courage. They have a boatload of resources and ministry helps, including some recent work on the college front (with a great guy, Derek Melleby).

Diana Dettwyler: Di is a good friend and has been a real support to me with ideas, creative insights, constructive criticism and small business support. She has a bunch of ventures that are going well, including her photography, jewelry making and web site design.