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Help me write my next book!


Help with Project Nehemiah Hey, I don’t want a lot of people knowing this (TELL EVERYBODY!) but I’m working on my second book (TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW!), Project Nehemiah. Whereas my first book, Project Joseph was about dealing with your past pain (TELL EVERYBODY!), Project Nehemiah is about your future. I think a lot of people struggle living out the dreams and goals God has put on their hearts because they can’t see past their heartache. So as PJ helps them unpack that hurt, PN prepares readers to embrace the life God created them for. It should be a really cool 1-2 punch (TELL EVERYBODY!!!)

So here’s the deal -- I need your help.

I want to give one of my blog readers a chance to have part of their story told in Project Nehemiah. I know all of you have some great stories to tell and it’s time for others to hear them. You don’t have to be “a writer” because our editors will make you sound good. Trust me, if you could have seen all the blood spilled on the first draft of my book you’d know just how hard my editor worked! You tell your story and let the Overboard editors help you where needed.

Here are the categories you could write for:

  1. Tell a story of a time you accomplished something for God, then were able to look back and see how He had prepared you for such a task.
  2. Tell us about a big dream God had given you and how He worked in you to see it fulfilled.
  3. Tell the story of a time you prayed passionately about something and saw God bring an amazing answer to you prayers.

You can submit more than one entry. Your entry needs to be a personal story, not one you heard about or read about online -- it needs to somehow involve you. If your story is chosen to go into Project Nehemiah you will receive:

  1. Special recognition in the book.
  2. An autographed copy of the book.
  3. A copy of the eBook in the eReader style of your choice.
  4. 5 (five) extra copies of the book in the style of your choice (ebook, print) to give a away to friends and family to verify that you were actually published in a book!
  5. We’ll host an “interview” of you on our site and let you share your story with others.
  6. A warm fuzzy feeling when you read your story in the book.
  7. And in the unlikely event that  Peter Jackson reads the book and decides to produce a 3 part, epic cinematic experience, you will get first class tickets to the world premieres of the first and second movies with front-row seats. For the third movie you’ll have to fly coach and sit in the back of the theater, but we will be sure it is an unobstructed view.

So get those stories sent in ASAP and beat the rush. Entries will be accepted from today, November 7th until Sunday night at midnight on December 4th. They must be at least 300 words long (this entry is presently 470 words), and no more than 1,200 words. The story must directly involve you, and of course -- be entirely true. A winner will be selected by a small committee who will base their decision entirely on how they perceive the story fits the flow of the section, the appropriate theme and the overall content and direction of the book.

Submit your entries to "" and put "Project Nehemiah contest" in the memo line. Hope to see tons of entries come piling in by our faithful readers!

Thanks for the help. And remember, by taking the time to write your story you are sharing in the Overboard life, living your story out of the comfort of the boat and out on the water where Jesus is building His Kingdom. Let's get those stories rolling.

Go ahead and take the plunge -- life is better on the water!