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The Faithful Watchman (Kindle)


The Faithful Watchman (Kindle)


The Faithful Watchman (Kindle)

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Jason has been sharing God's Word with audiences for decades, primarily through his work with the ministry he founded, Wordsower, International. Believing in the power of Scripture, Jason has memorized large portions of the Bible and recites them with his God-given, booming voice, and warm theatrical style. When he preaches, it's as though you are hearing the Scripture for the first time!

Along with sharing the Word of God, Jason has also written and memorized a couple of stories. Using biblical truth, historical data, and a reasonable imagination, Jason provides a view on the Life of Christ few would consider. The Faithful Watchman challenges its readers to consider the birth of Christ with new eyes.

Also included in this book is the short story, Freddethias. This is a clever story of a biblical account of one of Christ's miracles, told from the perspective of a made-up character. So the facts are true, but the details of Freddethias' interactions were created to engage the reader in a new way.

All purchases of Jason's books help fund his efforts with Wordsower, International, a ministry that is working with widows and orphans around the world.

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