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Head in the Clouds, Feet in the Mud (kindle)


Head in the Clouds, Feet in the Mud (kindle)

Head in the Clouds.jpeg
Head in the Clouds.jpeg

Head in the Clouds, Feet in the Mud (kindle)

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Sometimes it feels like worship has been reduced to song, to some kind of emotional response to God or even just a feeling you get when gathered in the corporate meeting of believers in your local church. And although each of those experiences can be a part of worship, as Aaron Welch tackles this topic in Head in the Clouds, Feet in the Mud, he reveals the often missing component in our understanding: worship should occur in everyday life.

Aaron is a veteran worship leader, so he doesn't write as a philosopher or outside observer, but he writes from his experience as a practitioner of being "the guy" to lead his church into corporate worship. In this book, he explores God's teachings on worship and challenges the reader to consider how worship occurs in our attitudes, our obedience and in the little parts of life that we experience every day; not just on Sunday. He especially challenges readers to see worship in the hard parts of life, not just the times where we feel close and connected to God.

Head in the Clouds, Feet in the Mud is written from a pastor's heart, includes some humorous and relatable stories, and carefully unpacks the truths of God's Word. Aaron doesn't pull any punches, but his practical challenges are delivered with grace and encouragement as he reveals, with great vulnerability, his own journey into a deeper understanding of what it means to worship God every day. Even, (especially!) on the bad days!

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