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The Pure Man's Devotional Guide

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Intensely Biblical. Intensely Practical.

Whether it's a book about youth ministry, a guide to help you heal from your past, a missionary biography or a book about fighting for your sexual purity, our books are written to be biblical AND practical.

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The Pure Man's Devotional Guide

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Pure Man.jpg

The Pure Man's Devotional Guide

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The Pure Man Devotional Guide is a powerful tool to help you build a life of sexual purity. By challenging readers to dive deep in the Word of God, this book will encourage you to hold the line in your struggle against lust and temptation.


Steve Etner (the author) writes from the perspective of a fellow soldier, not some hired mercenary our outside expert. He's been in the trenches, having struggled with a pornography addiction for nearly 30 years, before experiencing the freedom that comes through God and His Word. By God's grace, Steve experienced healing in his life, his marriage and in his family and you can find that same experience by diving into the truths of God's Word through this book.


Sexual purity is a daily struggle, and this daily devotional guide will help you keep your mind fixed on victory! Be sure to check Steve's other title, "Extreme Mind Makeover," another title that challenges readers to capture every thought and bring it into line with the truths of God's Word.

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