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Dream House: by Barry Bandara

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Intensely Biblical. Intensely Practical.

Whether it's a book about youth ministry, a guide to help you heal from your past, a missionary biography or a book about fighting for your sexual purity, our books are written to be biblical AND practical.

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Dream House: by Barry Bandara

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Dream House.jpg

Dream House: by Barry Bandara

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Many parents begin raising their children without the necessary blueprints or tools to build a healthy and happy home. As a result, their home is unstable and unhealthy, leading to frustration and despair. The purpose of this book is to provide blueprints of biblical truths and practical insights that will help parents construct a Dream House of their own.

Dream House takes its readers on a room-to-room tour beginning in the kitchen and finishing in the garage. Each room gives a description of the problem or need this room represents, followed by a solution based upon biblical principles. Some of the issues Barry tackles are: character development, purpose in parenting, honor becoming a habit, the family calendar, vital information our children need, discipline, etc. At the end of each chapter, there are questions for individuals or small groups to answer and discuss.


Those who read Dream House, will:

*Understand the importance of modeling character, godly passion, and a healthy marriage to their children.

*Be able to pass on biblical principals that will position their children to succeed in life.

*Learn effective ways to communicate love, acceptance, and hope to their children, with practical examples that are parent friendly.

Dream House will also describe what a healthy home looks like, provide specific principles that will enable parents to succeed, as well as encourage parents through the building process of their Dream House.

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