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Loving Life's Plateau: The Dabbler (part 2/4)

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Loving Life's Plateau: The Dabbler (part 2/4)



Are you a starter or a finisher? Most people I meet are excellent starters, at least in some area of their lives. I love starting and I also think I am pretty good at it. Let’s see if you can relate to any parts of this scenario:

I am a woman who shares a title with many other women, “The Queen of Diets.” We are so good at being queen that if you mention a particular diet we know it instantly—we have done the research, we have purchased the book (or the entire plan), we have even spent at least 24-hours on said diet!  Our “queen-ness” may also show up in some of the items in our houses. Along with diet books and cookbooks, we have food scales, specific blenders, workout equipment, and leftover bags of cooking ingredients that are barely touched.

Like many other Diet Queens, I love starting. I love the newness, excitement, and hope that accompanies a new plan. I love getting new books and new equipment. I love laying out the plan, filling out the calendars, and planning out all of the details for a new adventure. It is exciting and energizing to be embarking on a new adventure. 

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for the newness and excitement to wear off. The implementation of the exciting plan is difficult and obstacles arise in a short amount of time. At the first sign of struggle (in a diet or any other adventure), I may not totally quit, but I begin to say to myself:

I don’t think this is the plan for me.

I’m not sure this is where I should be focusing my energy right now.

I don’t think God really wants me to pursue this.

In fact, I don’t think I actually heard God’s voice at all.


It seems that right around the time these words are populating my mind, I begin to notice another shiny new plan that might work better. And I set out for my favorite part of any diet, job, move, or change in my life . . . something new and exciting.

The person who proceeds through life in this way is called “The Dabbler.”

We dabble because our new adventure gets difficult. We dabble because our new plan starts to get boring. We dabble because we long for constant energy and excitement, but the reality is that most of life is a plateau rather than the electrifying, energizing beginning of something new.

Where in your life are you dabbling (jumping from one thing to the next)?

Where in your life do you need to settle into the plateau and wait until God redirects your path?

The plateau is where most of life happens. Sometimes the challenge of living on the plateau is simply that it is monotonous and a little boring. But the plateau is a place of growth and a place to listen for the voice of God. Good habits that last regardless of circumstance are built in this place. 

As we develop awareness of our desire to avoid the plateaus of life, I hope you will be encouraged and learn to embrace and love the times on the plateau. 

Staying the course when life is ordinary is extraordinary.

BE Extraordinary!

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