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Tears are words

Tears are words

“Tears are words that need to be written.” -Paulo Coelho I believe I shed more tears in 2015 than I have in my entire life combined. I often put those tears into words - prayers and cries to God, conversations with family and friends, conversations with people I barely knew, and in the pages of my journal. A few times I expressed my words through this blog, but more often I couldn't find the words to express the heart-felt tears that frequently flowed. 2015 was tough.

Today, January 5, is the first chance I've had in 2016 to be home alone for a few hours. The kids are at school, Joe is at work, the dishes are done, the house is picked up, and I am out of excuses - out of reasons to put off this expression of my tears. One of the biggest challenges of blogging is getting started. Sometimes I have a great idea that's been rolling around in my mind for a while, but not lately. My recent pattern is to sit down, open up WordPress, take a deep breath, close WordPress, and walk away without writing a single word. Writing the first paragraph is definitely the hardest. In order to get a post written, I simply must start writing.

This applies to so many areas of life!

BC clean room

BC clean room

Take a messy room. I'll use my girls' room for example because it is seriously messy! My two daughters are sharing a relatively small room. They are both convinced that if they had their own rooms (like they did for the previous 5 years), their rooms would no longer be messy (even though they were messy for the previous 5 years). I can nearly end their little lives with the words, "Clean your room!" It is usually such a disaster that they honestly don't know where to begin. BUT, magically, when they start with one thing (i.e. pick up all the clothing) it suddenly feels more doable.

Wow! Kind of like this blog post that began with thoughts of "I have nothing to say today," and "What is there to write about besides how crappy last year was?" has suddenly turned into a couple of paragraphs that are motivating me to create a fun, lets-get-it-done plan for helping my girls clean their room. Oh, and while I'm at it I could take one positive step in the direction of meeting my health goals by doing those push-ups . . .

What is something you want, but have not yet started? It might be as simple as doing one thing, writing one word, or making one phone call to get the ball rolling. There is much to accomplish in 2016. There is joy to experience, family to love, friends to make, books to write, places to travel, and so much more! I have tears to turn into words and into blog posts so that I may experience complete healing, become everything I am supposed to be, and hopefully encourage some of you to do the same.

Don't wait! Start now with that "one thing" and live 2016 without regret.

Be Extraordinary!

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