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Real Rest in the Midst of the Hair Bump Crisis


My daughter was in a bit of a frenzy getting ready for school today. Everything seemed to be going fine until a trigger sent things awry. The trigger was a hair bump while trying to put up a pony tail. You know those hair bumps that are invisible to everyone else except the girl putting up the pony tail? It was one of those. This girl of mine is beautiful, with beautiful hair, and I'm pretty sure the last thing anyone would say to her today is that her hair looked bad because of a little, "invisible" hair bump.

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Mom's: Do You Have Peace?


Do you like peace? Do you like your home to feel peaceful? Do you ever wish your home looked like it was taken straight out of a Better Homes and Gardens magazine? You know the look . . . clean countertops, fluffed pillows neatly placed on the couches, beautiful lighting, great music, and sipping your favorite beverage while curled up reading a book in a cozy chair in the corner of the living room. This is the the look, feel, and experience of every mom in every home in America. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

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