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I'm Watching . . . Always Watching


great character

great character

You are always being watched. I don't mean by the secret service or some other government agency, although they could be watching too. :) You are being watched by the people around you: your children, your parents, your Facebook friends, your community, etc. Anyone you come in contact with on a regular basis has the opportunity to watch your life and your reaction to the circumstances of your life. Whether you want them to watch or not, they are still watching. One motivator to stay close to God and mindfully watching my emotional, verbal, and written reactions to my current challenge is the watchful eyes of those in my sphere of influence. My kids see what has been "done to our family" and they see the response that Joe and I have to that situation. They hear our conversations with each other and with them. They watch us process hurt and pain; and they see what we do with that pain. Even my posts on Facebook reflect where my heart is in my current circumstance.

It would be so easy to justify an angry or equally hurtful response to those who have caused hurt in my own life, but that just puts me on their same level. I read a great quote years ago. I don't remember where I originally saw it, but here is a version of the quote in the words of George Carlin,

 "Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience."

Hurtful experiences are great opportunities to show great character. The reality is that whatever comes out is a reflection of what is going on in our hearts. So if you have a "frightening" response to road rage, wrongful accusations, or any other type of hurt, then it might be wise to check your heart and consider the changes needed to live in a state of love and forgiveness.

Here is what I am NOT saying:

Don't be angry. Only feel love. Only see rainbows and happy endings.

Here is what I AM saying:

My response is my responsibility. Nobody can take away our ability to choose our response to a given circumstance. When we own our part and own our response, then we live in an empowered state rather than being a victim to the difficult circumstances or people that surround us.

Watching a person's life who lives in a state of victimhood is . . . annoying. Often, those are the Facebook friends that we remove from our feeds because they are filled with anger, negativity, blame, and hopelessness. If you really want to live with influence and impact then the extraordinary, empowered life is the one to choose. An extraordinary life filled with hardship, pain, forgiveness, and hope is so worth it and it is a sight to behold. To all of you living the journey and process of an extraordinary life - keep it up!

(I'm watching . . . always watching!) Watch this fitting Monsters Inc clip HERE.

Be Extraordinary!

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