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Gifts of Expectation


cj quilt 2

cj quilt 2

I love gifts! Receiving gifts is fun, rewarding, enjoyable, and often filled with anticipation. Yet, even more than receiving gifts, I love giving gifts! Our whole family (and I am sure many of you) loves gift-giving. When the perfect gift is found it heightens the anticipation of that treasure to be opened. I am making some Christmas gifts this year. Each of my kids will receive a hand-made rag quilt. The fabric of each quilt was specifically chosen for each of them. It took several trips to the fabric store and a whole lot of contemplation to find things that I think they will love. It has been so much fun and so difficult to keep from blabbing to them about it. In fact, Celina has asked a number of times if I would please make her a blanket. She says, "You can just crochet a bunch of squares and put them all together." A quilting group was having a retreat at the camp and that got her asking about this again. I said, "Maybe someday." Like this Christmas!!

BJ quilt

BJ quilt

As I create these gifts I am giddy with excitement for the day the gifts will be in the hands of the receivers. I am confident that my kids will love their quilts. It will bring me great joy to see their faces as they unwrap these treasures!

I also love wrapping gifts! (It's easy to get me in the Christmas spirit.) The attention to detail in wrapping the gifts is part of expressing my love through the gift.

I pondered a life-lesson as I was thinking about gifts today: What materials do we use to wrap our gifts?

I am afraid that many of the gifts we give are wrapped in expectation. Expectations that we put on the receiver of the "gift". Expectation makes the gift no longer a gift. Gifts, in my definition, are to be given with no strings attached. This applies to a variety of "gifts" - those wrapped in paper as well as gifts of kindness, friendship, and love.

What if we took the pressure off of the receiver and simply found joy in giving the gift?

What if we let go of the expectation and simply enjoy the anticipation of gift-giving?

As we move into the biggest gift-giving time of the year, let's be givers of well-wrapped gifts. Let's be givers of gifts wrapped in gratitude, love, kindness, grace, and joyful anticipation. And as we find blessing and joy in giving, may we also receive gifts in the same manner.

Be Extraordinary!

cj quilt

cj quilt

(I’m Traci, the "Be Extraordinary!" blogger. I share insights that challenge and encourage moms to be the best version of themselves. To me, that’s an extraordinary life! Click HERE to receive blog updates and a free newsletter.)