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De-Clutter the Excuses


There is so much written about decluttering. There are books and blogs and TV shows about letting go of the physical, mental, and emotional clutter holding us back in life. Even I have written about clutter in a previous post. (You can read that HERE.) I am finishing up Tommy Newberry's book, 40 Days to a Joy-Filled Life. Day 39 was about clearing the clutter. With all of the valuable info about our thoughts, emotions, and actions throughout the book, this emphasis on clutter caught me by surprise and also convicted me greatly.

How, in spite of all my knowledge and commitments about clutter, can I still find myself stuck because of clutter? My personal forms of clutter are paper and disorganized spaces. I have tackled both of these before, but just like brushing my teeth, taking my vitamins, or exercising I can not expect to do these things once (or even 100 times!) and have the results last forever.



I realize something about myself in all of this: I like to do projects when I can see a difference. For example, I prefer to clean the bathroom when I can see the change from dirty to clean. It is difficult for me to choose to clean when I can't tell that it's really dirty. (This sounds so lame as I write!) I would be a terrible worker at DisneyWorld for this reason. At DisneyWorld they paint everything all the time. It never looks old and run-down because there is a constant process to keep things looking pristine. They catch the dulling paint job before there are obvious signs of wear and tear. In fact, of the 62,000 employees at DisneyWorld 650 of them are painters!

So how do I become more like a DisneyWorld worker when it comes to the clutter in my life?

Honestly, it brings these thoughts to my mind.

- Moving along with window cleaner right next to the kiddo with sticky fingers on the sliding glass door. - Attempting to vacuum up popcorn pieces after they fall from the table. - Relentlessly replacing the couch pillows off the floor and back onto the couch. (I do this a lot!) - Yelling at the kids constantly to pick up their things. - Cleaning the bathroom floor three times a day to remove every little piece of hair. (Ewww!)

Some of you might be saying, "Yes, and Amen!" but this honestly causes me to feel a little stress. I may end up with a spotless home, but I don't think anybody else in the home would like me very much. There must be some balance.

Here is the bottom line for me and, probably the challenge to all of us in this area or another: We love our excuses!

Is there something that nags at you (a pile of laundry, stack of bills, unfinished project, broken relationship), but every time you see or think about it, you make an excuse? The excuse might even be good, but the next time you see or think about it, you are reminded of yet another excuse. The excuses become comfortable until they become crutches that hold us back. Even the fact that I operate better with projects where I can actually see the progress can become another lame excuse.

The extraordinary life is about progress, not perfection! So, don't let perfection keep you from making progress today!

Be Extraordinary!

(I’m Traci, the "Be Extraordinary!" blogger. I share insights that challenge and encourage moms to be the best version of themselves. To me, that’s an extraordinary life! Click HERE to receive blog updates and a free newsletter.)