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The Yellow Chair

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The Yellow Chair


My husband and I recently began a 13-week goal challenge. We are using the Best Self Journal as our format. When getting started there is information to read that helps in thinking through what big goals to set, what sub goals will help get there, and what main action steps will result in the accomplishment of those goals. One of the other things to set up before beginning the challenge is a morning and evening routine. My morning routine takes about an hour. It consists of the Self Journal (gratitude and target goals for the day), Bible reading, making the bed, a few exercises, and a shower.

My morning routine is not complicated. In fact I am very familiar with each thing on the list - I have done them all many times before. However, I haven't always put it within a time frame or been so insistent that I complete every task.

I have read in many books and from many highly successful people about the importance of routines. John C. Maxwell says, "You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine." Tommy Newberry talks about the impact of our mindset and how we can create a positive mindset by how we begin and end each day, our morning and evening routines.

My morning routine may morph as I work through my 13-week challenge and discover what is most valuable to my morning. The point is to set up my day - to set up myself - for success and to find a rhythm that breeds a successful mindset and the achievement of my goals.

All of this is good, and I hope you see the importance. You may already have a routine, or perhaps this will help you create a more intentional morning (or evening) routine. However, there is an even more important piece to implementing a morning routine: Preparation.

It takes preparation to accomplish tasks within a certain time frame. Here is a list of some of things I need to do AHEAD of time in order to successfully complete my morning routine. Set clothes out, place Bible and Self Journal in the correct place, choose a Bible reading plan, decide how many and what kind of exercises to do, and communicate with my husband about his schedule. I knew I had done a fair amount of preparation, but didn't put too much thought into it until it was time to sit in the yellow chair to do my reading and journaling. The yellow chair is in my room near my bed and it was piled with laundry, paper, notebooks, chargers - it was a mess. I moved the mess to my bed (no big deal), and had that mess in my peripheral vision the whole time I was in the yellow chair (kind of a big deal for me)!

On that first morning I added something to my routine. I did not add it to my morning routine, but instead added it to my evening routine: "Clear the yellow chair."

Most of us have a "yellow chair" in our lives and it is keeping us from being or doing all we are designed for - our extraordinary lives. So find your yellow chair, clear off the mess of life, and go after your dreams.

Be Extraordinary!

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